If lying lazily on the hammocks or on the armchairs reading, makes you bored, if swimming and enjoying the sun on the beach sounds dull, if exploring the sea-bed or fishing is not your style, if you are not interested in using the gym because you want an activity closer to nature, then don’t forget to take your best climbing boots with you.


There are trekking routes of gradual difficulty- varying from very easy to very demanding ones- which you can enjoy under the instructions and with Elias and Stella’s help.

We must inform you that Elias and Stella are trekking fanatics and they have climbed all the Greek mountains as well as Kilimanjaro, the Alps and the Himalayas. And if asked, we thing that you will not find Elias reluctant to lead the way to one of these trekking paths, getting you away from the tourist routes and discovering in the nearby mountains, things that only the natives are aware of.

What’s more, if you are interested in climbing, there is a secure climbing field at the exit of the Dead’s Gorge and Elias will be very willing to lend you his own climbing equipment in order to follow easy or difficult routes, or even to create your own one. Moreover, if you are interested in Greek or Cretan traditional dances, you can ask Stella to teach you some: from “syrtaki” and “hasapiko” to “pentozali” and “tsamiko”(Stella is a P.E ( Physical Education) teacher, specialized in Greek traditional and folklore dances). Unless, of course, you happen to be present in one of the Greek nights we organize regularly.

But whatever one says or pictures here, it is impossible to give even a glimpse of the atmosphere you will find here. It is the feeling of an escape from civilization; it is the scent that rises from the Cretan soil; it is the color of tradition and of simplicity one will find here; it is the music deriving from nature’s sounds in an immaculate environment; it is the tastes of the local products, varying from fish, vegetables and meat to wine, fruit and “raki”; these are the things that cannot be captured by any camera-lence.

But above all you will experience the feeling that YOU are not a tourist.

YOU are not a client. YOU are not a part of masses that visit Crete every year.

For us YOU are a potential friend, honoring us with your choice and we pay you back by recognizing your uniqueness and the respect to the notion of Philoxenia (Hospitality).

Winter in Zakros - Olive harvest